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    Hey folks!

    Welcome to The Secret Room, an Interiors and Lifestyle store, located in Berwick.

    The Secret Room is a one stop lifestyle shop for the design conscious folk that love and appreciate all things beautiful.

    We are lovers of beauty, of style, of wanderlust, all perfectly blended together. We are drawn to natural, to raw, to unique products to fill our little space….perfection is not our mantra, we love to shake it up, we love to blend, create, harmonise.

    We have picked all of our very favourites, the products that we believe will make you smile and leave you wanting more…We hope to help you make your house a home, where your collection will begin to tell a story of you, your family, your lifestyle, your surrounds. A place that will draw you in and inspire you.

    We feel so lucky to to represent the amazing line up of brands that is The Secret Room. We have an amazing collection of some of Australia’s very best creatives.
    They are the creatives, the artists, the wanderers, the people that bring all of the the magic to us and enable us to create the beautiful spaces that we all love so much.